Jewelry production

EPL Diamond offers its clients wide range of vast assortment and great variety of diamond jewelry. Own innovative jewelry plant allows EPL Diamond to offer customers jewelry masterpieces of the highest quality.

Full technological cycle of jewelry production encompasses several stages.


Design is developed by the jeweler for rough sketch of the jewelry on paper. Creation of the design is the first stage of the consistent specified production operations.

Professional knowledge of technologies and gemology, meticulous creative work and great experience of our talented craftsmen with rich portfolio of elegant jewelry is the starting point of the creation of fancy EPL Diamond jewelry.


3D jewelry modeling enables jeweler to choose the final design without any production operations. Designing with help of 3D technologies is important stage in production of excusive jewelry process. After the final 3D design of the jewelry is approved – the 3D-prototype from wax is prepared. From the wax model jeweler can create silver master-model of the jewelry. 3D modeling helps to improve quality and provides the opportunity to design extraordinary and unique jewelry.


Master-model of the jewelry. It does not matter from which metal the jewelry is going to be processed, first it must be made in silver. Large number of different jewelry prototypes are then placed on wax bars and cast in silver. That is how after the final processing by the designer of this sample the master-model is created. Mater-model is the prototype of the future jewelry collection which is examined by the Quality Control Department. Master-model enables jewelers to eliminate discovered imperfections of the future jewelry. It must be absolutely perfect as any defect can be copied in next jewelry made using this master-model. On the basis of the master-model the elastic form of the future jewelry is processed. It is made of two separable halves in which the wax is poured.


Wax casting. When the elastic form is prepared the next step is to inject under the pressure hot wax into it. On cooling, the matrix is cut and the primary wax model is removed. It is must be inspected for presence of defects, processed and screened in order to discover bubbles otherwise metal casting may have cavities and air pockets. After waxes are casting into “waxing trees” (molding trees). Waxes are arranged all around a central thick feeder at an angle of 45 degrees. That is how waxing tree is gradually getting bigger.


After that the precious metal is malted and casted into processed models using only modern technology which ensures castings of the highest quality. Quality if the finished product directly depends on the quality of these castings. After casting in gold the Quality Control Department carries out necessary checks. Blocks of casts are cleaned, a figure caster separate castings from sprue and molding tree and hands over the semi-product to an authorized landfill.

From the “tree” golden links are carefully separated and placed on the mount. On the mount these links are processed and assembled in the semi-finished jewelry products. Besides mentioned links production lot of jewelry items as well as components, materials and other nomenclature can be placed on the mount.
Barreling is quick way to polish the jewelry items in the tumbler. As the tumbler rotates the jewelry inside metal marbles are in constant move so that due to friction the soft metal of the future jewelry is flattered, planishing the surface of the metal and making it shine. Detergent composition also in monition effectively washes the dirt and accelerates the polishing process. Depending on the surface barreling can last up to 8 hours.
After the manufacturer’s mark is stamped into the jewelry items, they are handed over for the assay supervision. Then after assay marking the jewelry is transferred to diamond setting department. Only jewelry with manufacturer’s and assay marks of the Russian Federation are permitted for sale.
When the jewelry is marked it is transferred for the diamond setting. EPL Diamond uses only authentic yakutian diamonds. After this step is completed each jewelry is thoroughly inspected by specialist of the Quality Control Department to ensure that the jewelry meets all quality standars.
During polishing of the jewelry items all minor defects and irregularities are removed. There are two ways of polishing: electropolishing and mechanical polishing. EPL Diamond uses mechanical polishing – polishing of the jewelry item with grinding wheel. As polishing tools elastic plates and brushes are used. Felt polishing wheel is used for polishing of smooth, convex and flat surface. It is very reliable and qualitative tool for jewelry polishing. Hair polishing wheels are used for complex structures.

Galvanism. Galvanism is the electrochemical process of metal deposition on the other metallic layer in electrolyte solution.

Galvanized coating is used by EPL Diamond jewelers for two purposes –decoration and protection to ensure wear resistant coating and chemical resistance. When this stage is finished the jewelry items are handed over to the Quality Control Department for in-process control.