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EPL: Yakutian diamonds shine out in Tver

Map of the cities with presence of the jewelry branch «EPL Diamond» expands their boarders – new salon was opened in Tver.

Expansion of the jewelry branch is realized due to the high interest to the production of EPL in Russian regions. Complex of offers that helps EPL diamonds to make success in the market is quality and uniqueness of the Yakutian diamonds as well as perspective of brands in their development.

EPL in Tver is situated in Gorkogo str., 108. Gorkogo street is one of the main highway of the Zavolzhsky district of Tver. There are a lot of places of interests along this street such as «EPL. Yakutian diamonds» jewelry boutique.

In favor of opening, EPL presented their clients 50% discounts for the jewelry as well as 20 % for certificated diamonds. EPL offer new customers an opportunity to register in interest-bearing discount scheme, providing additional discounts to the current discounts from 2 to 10 %. More detailed information you can get from our consultants.

Diamonds are the best presents: in EPL jewelry boutiques, you can obtain gift certificates and give an opportunity to choose the diamonds for your friends by their own!