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EPL. Yakut Diamonds in Petrogradskaya in St. Petersburg

Today in St. Petersburg, the jewelry chain «EPL. Yakut Diamonds» opens another new brand salon. In Petrorgadsky district, in the very heart of «Palmyra of the North», the flagship salon starts operating in the street retail format.


The new ambassador of EPL Daimond, businesswoman Elena Ischeeva is going to visit the opening of the new salon as a VIP guest. “The choice of the successful” – this is the way EPL positions its products with Yakut diamonds in cooperation with Elena Ischeeva.


The new salon will present to St. Petersburg connoisseurs of the beautiful an extended range of exclusive articles and diamonds. Jewelry collections of unique design from the best Yakut jewelers, the service based on small details, possibility of regular servicing for selected acquisitions will distinguish this salon in terms of the format to work with customers.

EPL. Yakut Diamonds is salons of its own jewelry chain of EPL Diamond group of companies. The company is engaged in the entire jewelry production chain with its own lapidary and jewelry plants.

By purchasing articles in EPL salons, customers get the warranty of diamond genuineness. For over 20 years, EPL Diamond has been a long-term customer of AK Alrosa and a member in Alrosa Alliance program. EPL. Yakut Diamonds signboard in any city of the world means that here you can have genuine Yakut diamonds. 



The address of the new salon in St. Petersburg is Bolshoy Prospect, P.S., 70-72.