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Window to Europe – EPL Opened Jewelry Salon in Croatia

EPL Diamond is pleased to announce the opening of the first European jewelry salon in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Reaffirming the main motto of the Company: “We work for Yakut diamonds to win hearts of people around the world”, we opened the window to Europe.

Now citizens of Central Europe can appreciate the Yakut diamonds. The brand salon of EPL. Yakut Diamonds was opened in one of the busiest streets in Zagreb, at the Petar Preradovic square, located in the center of the old town. Locals and numerous tourists from all over the world think it is here where you feel the spirit of the old European city.

Yakut diamonds attract a great interest: Zagreb residents were eagerly waiting for the opening of the EPL salon. «There is no jewelry salon in Zagreb that would offer only diamond jewelry therefore the EPL Diamond shop sparks a keen interest against this background. And this is our main difference and advantage. Of course, there are connoisseurs of diamonds who will be impressed by the EPL collection», says Anastasia Desyatova, the salon director.

The Croatian market is the first step to present EPL Yakut diamonds on the European market. Expansion of the jewelry chain abroad is one of the strategic challenges of the EPL Diamond retail. There are three Pan-European transport corridors on the territory of Croatia linking the region with Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to this, Croatia has the most important strategic location in the logistics chain of South-East Europe as a whole.

This region is dynamic with a high growth potential and unites the fastest-growing economies. Opening of the representative office in Croatia will allow EPL to reach other regions of Europe. Due to the perfect geographic location, the representative office in Croatia is an effective platform for business development.

Over 700 thousand residents live in the modern Zagreb. This is the main railway junction of Croatia and the meeting point of the most important European highways.

The capital of Croatia is a city of museums and listed buildings, walks and excursions. The city started developing in the eleventh century as evidenced by the decree of the Hungarian King in 1094 on foundation of the Zagreb episcopate. That was the first record about Zagreb. This is a great place for relaxation and entertainment. With thousands of rocky islands, picturesque rugged coasts, Croatia can impress with the most beautiful coastline Europe has to offer.

The official grand opening of the salon will take place on June 11. VIP guests and journalists will be invited to this event. The reception will include the presentation of the exclusive jewelry collection and a more detailed acquaintance with offers of the EPL. Yakut Diamonds.