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Theatre of Diamond fashion EPL presents «Tango in the light of diamonds

Within the framework of anniversary events, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of «EPL Diamonds», there will be concert program of the Theatre of Diamond fashion EPL «Tango in the light of diamonds».

Tango in the light of diamonds is the big concert programme of the Theatre of Diamond fashion EPL with participation of the famous capellmeister Yuri Medyanic & & Emotion-orchestra (Moscow) with musical program «Vivaldi. Times of tango» and dancing programme of tango-show «Tango di Buenos Aires» (St. Petersburg).

This summer Yuri Meduanic presented in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall the programme «Vivaldi. Time of tango» with the greater success, which is very successful among musical adepts all over the world.

This is unusual, exotic arrangements of world famous works of Vivaldi in beat of argentine tango. Due to the Theatre’s initiative and support Yakutsk will enter in the number of first 10 cities where there will be famous concert.

Yuri Meduanic, Russian musician- multi-instrumentalist, capellmeister who has already been familiar and catch the fancy of the yakutian audience in programme «Diamond Night Passion» that took place in February 2014 answered for couple of questions of the organisators about the forthcoming meeting in Yakutsk.

- What are your expectations from the forthcoming concert in Yakutsk?

- I anticipate the perfect concert. Moreover, perfect not only for the artists (because the hall and its tone is already familiar to me because I was there last time and it is more comfortable to play here), but for the audience which Iam sure will get a lot of emotions!

Inviting the honorable audience for the programme «Vivaldi. Times of tango», we invite not only for the concert, but for the unique closed club of the audience, because this is exclusive concert programme that european audience and russian and yakutian citizens managed to enjoy.

- What if we try to match William Shakespeare? – quotation from the cinema. And what about Vivaldi? What is tour approach to him?

We have already tried to match it! Shakespeare in theatre is like Vivaldi in music. And though, sure, we can always discuss the value of being such musicians as Bach, Handel and others, but one can’t overestimate the value of composer Vivaldi. Cycle «the four seasons» at the moment is one of the most often executed and recorded music all over the world! Just imagine that it is in all the countries and in all continents!

Making arrangement and transposition of Vivaldi’s music in tango, we tried to approach to musical content very carefully. It is very exciting, of course, very exciting!

- We, yakutian side, tied tango to diamonds – to one of the brightest brands of Yakutia. The company «APPLE. Yakut diamonds» is General Partner of the concert. How do you think, can tango and diamonds be a happy blend?

- Vivaldi in tango is like diamond facet. It is possible to enjoy execution and sound facets for a very long time, and each next time will be discover of new beauty facets!