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Flaming Ice» in the Center of Moscow

On April 29, in the center of Moscow the grand presentation of the new company’s spokesperson took place in the EPL Diamond Jewelry store in “Gallery” mall. It was Elena Ischeeva, a businesswoman and CEO of the Banki.ru portal.
“The spokesperson of our brand has become the personality of character and clean reputation. Her working skills are legendary because she created her carrier herself from scratch. At first, as a talented journalist, then as a TV hostess of principle and later as the head of the famous information internet business” – this was the way the Vice Chairman of the Board of EPL Diamond group of companies, Svetlana Afanasyeva introduced Elena.
The meeting program was highly topical – diamond fashion show with demonstration of the new exclusive jewelry collection with Yakut diamonds from EPL Diamond, musical greetings from the People’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Gorchakov, inimitable Irma Zauber and bright and original ethnic singer Zarina SHAMANA. The Presidential Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Alexey Struchkov,  People’s Deputy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Zhanna Yegorova came to congratulate the home company.
At the end of the evening there was the draw of the branded diamond from EPL Diamond with the ideal cut “Flaming ice”. The lucky winner was Alisa Tolkacheva, the fashion designer.