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EPL Jewelry can make women truly happy.

Anna Fomina-Mironove became a new face of advertising campaign for exclusive “EPl. Yakutian diamonds” jewelry. The most sparkling brand involves only the best of us – Fomina-Mironova is known for her unblemished reputation, proactive attitude in everyday life and business, colorful and stunning look and creativity. She is a great example to follow – beautiful, energetic and ambitious woman full of enthusiasm and energy.

EPL chooses to collaborate with modern successful stylish women who can easily reflect the distinguished advantages and dignity of the brand. Among faces of “EPL. Yakutian diamonds” brand we can proudly name following Russian an Yakutian beauties: “ Miss Yakutia” Alena Alekseeva, First “Vice Miss Yakutia – 2008” Vera Grigorieva, prima ballerina of Bolshoi Theatre, La Scala, American Ballet Theatre and Grand Opera Natalia Osipova, master of sports and Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Navka, TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledance and others. -Anna, tell us about yourself, please.

- Today, I am a professional mother. For how long? It is hard to say now. Until I stop feeling the urgent necessity to be constantly with my daughters. Just yesterday I was a publisher, editor, PR-specialist, journalist, TV presenter, showman and activist. But life very often sets everything straight. I can’t say that it is very easy as I got used to be in the high light, always run somewhere, be in a hurry and bear different responsibilities. Now, my husband and me, understand that time we spend with children and time we spend on our self-fulfillment cannot be compared at all. It can’t be interchanged or compensated somehow. For a quite long time I have been building myself as a person and professional. For now I believe that I have luxurious right to be a wife, mother and woman.

- You are the face of the most sparkling brand of Yakutia. What do you think of the Company’s primary goal – “Yakutian diamonds to conquer the world”

- EPL Company appeals to me. I respect people who have central idea, declare specified mission in their work when it is not just “business for business”. EPL set a concrete task and has been successfully completing it from year to year. Even in Moscow, for example, in prestigious places I can note with honor effective “EPL. Yakutian diamonds” brand positioning. It sounds noble, elegant. This is how real, trueful values are to be positioned. Desire to conquer hearts is ambition of everyone who promotes beauty.

- Did you discover anything new while working with EPL?

- It was my first experience – to work as a “face” of the brand. I am very flattered and honored. Firstly, all women who represented EPL before me are incredibly beautiful persons and interesting personalities. Secondly, such experience is very valuable. I never lose a chance to discover something new for myself. While working with EPL I started to feel that I am becoming more feminine because jewelry with diamonds can make you feel happy and gives any woman who wears them a brand new feeling of transformation. When, for example, you wear “Northern countess” earrings you just have no right not be elegant or not tender enough. Diamonds are like music, cover you, control you, carry you away and create an atmosphere where you become part of that music. And when you become an inseparable part of it – the harmony is created.

- What can you wish EPL?

- As far as I know, EPL celebrates 20 years anniversary in this year but I feel like “EPL. Diamond” has existed as long as diamonds have. Maybe it is because of active and correct work of employees as well as stable and good reputation of EPL. When the person is happy and when he is in love and is loved, he transfers his mood when he presents diamonds. I believe that same happy people must cut, design and sell jewelry with diamonds as those who buy these jewelry! I wish EPL love in all of its aspects: in personal life, work, on vacation – always! And may you acquire one more characteristic: EPL – happy diamonds!