Home page News «EPL. Yakut Diamonds at Treasures of St. Petersburg Exhibition»
«EPL. Yakut Diamonds at Treasures of St. Petersburg Exhibition»

July 3 through 5, 2015, St. Petersburg will host the Treasure of St. Petersburg exhibition that will present works of the best jewelers from Russia. EPL. Yakut Diamonds will present jewelry making traditions of the Yakut school.

Jewelry will be displayed against the background of the original interiors in one of the most beautiful palaces in the city. The exhibition will occupy the whole suite of the staterooms in the House of Architects.

Guests will be able to see and buy jewelry in a unique copy with perfect diamonds from EPL Diamond jewelry house. Professional consultants in the field of precious stones will be able to provide quality advice about the advantages of investing in certified diamonds. “Firing ice” diamonds with perfect cutting “Firing ice” will be displayed at the exhibition. Production of “Firing ice” diamonds requires the best rough diamonds and laborious work of the best diamond cutters. Only several hundreds of craftsmen can make the perfect cutting. And only a few companies produce diamonds of such, including EPL. Yakut Diamond.