Home page News In the 20th anniversary «EPL» opens new jewelry boutique in St. Petersburg
In the 20th anniversary «EPL» opens new jewelry boutique in St. Petersburg

23 October was the day of the 20th anniversary of the «EPL Diamond» and celebration of the professional holiday of the workers of diamond and jewelry industry in honor of which «EPL» opened the new salon in St. Petersburg. It is situated in the shopping mall called «Europolis».

High demand and interest towards the EPL production create an opportunity to develop Company’s jewelry chain. So the third “EPL. Yakutian diamonds” was opened in the northern capital of Russia. Organically increasing the presence zone in central cities, «EPL» is strengthening the brand in the jewelry market.

In new salon for the client’s convenience there is new type of services to be provided – services of the professional jeweler. The highest service provision while choosing and using jewelry is our distinctive feature and half the battle of the EPL salon’s.

The formal ceremony of the opening took place in October, 25th. Due to the opening of new boutique, «EPL» presented their clients 55% holiday discounts for the jewelry with diamonds. Discounts are available until the end of October, you can ask our consultants for full details.

The best present for you and your relatives is Yakutian diamonds! We are waiting for you in our new salon, visit us at the address: St. Petersburg, Polustrovsky ave., 80/84.