Firing Ice

Only in our jewelry stores “Firing Ice” diamonds can be found. Because of our technology of diamond cutting “The Firing Ice” diamonds have the maximum light reflection and the strongest glittering effect which is almost impossible to compare with standard cut diamonds.

The distinctive feature of original “The Firing Ice” diamonds is the careful selection of the raw material and gem-cutting with observance of ideal proportions and symmetry of the calculated model. “The Firing Ice” – is the guarantee of quality and uniqueness. All diamonds are of the impressive clarity and color characteristics – not lower than 4/4, meaning gem stone does not have yellowish shade, defects, inclusions or blemishes and of the highest transparency.

The masterpiece of the great qualification of EPL Diamond jewelers – flawlessly cut “The Firing Ice” diamonds were listed among the winners of “100 Best Goods of Russia” context.

“Firing Ice” that is the perfect diamonds which comply with leading world standard.