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Firing Ice

Firing ice Brilliants are revived diamonds in the hands of masters, which illuminate the world with their brilliance and perfection. For the duration of several years EPL has selected only the best raw materials, from which the best jewels with yakutian diamonds are then obtained. The company diamond “Firing Ice” became a step forward in our quest from perfection to ultra-perfection. Firing ice is an exciting and exhilarating embodiment of the EPL mastery in the form of ideal diamonds according to the world standard “Hearts and arrows”. Diamonds “Hearts and arrows” appeared in the mid 80s of the 20th century and gained recognition throughout the world as diamonds with absolutely ideal cut. Firing ice ™ is maximum light reflection, ideal observance of proportions. Symmetry of a mathematical calculated model. Edges of uniqueness are in every sparkle of the diamond. Our creation attracts the attention of true connoisseurs of diamonds. Get to know the characteristics: “Firing ice” is a guarantee of quality and uniqueness. All diamonds possess excellent characteristics of color and purity, not less than 4/4. This means that the stone doesn’t have a yellow shade, defects and blotches, and has high transparency. Firing ice diamonds have a light return of up to 98%, which do not get unnoticed. The effect of the ideal cut “Hearts and arrows” is easily seen through the idealoscope. From the top view eight arrows can be clearly seen in the diamond, from the bottom view eight hearts. It is believed that the unrepeatable brilliance of the Firing ice diamonds is unique, and in terms of the combination of radiance and color play, the ideal cut Firing ice diamonds have no equal. «Пылающийлед» and “Firing Ice”are registered trademarks.