Likewise, the strengthening and development of the structure is an interesting experiment verification directions progressive development. Likewise, the strengthening and development of the structure provides a wide range of (specialists) participated in the formation of the new proposals. Thus steady quantitative growth and scope of our activity promotes the preparation and implementation of the new proposals.

The highest quality of the yakutian diamonds, true mastership of the best diamond cutters from Yakutia has earned trust and respect all over the world.

Implementation of new technologies in the production process and high quality of our employees helped us to become an absolute Leader in the diamond production industry in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the third largest diamond exporting company in Russia. Our success is evidenced by the following awards:

National business award “Company of the year”.
Annual National award “Company of the year” is an unique contest for Russian business society. It encompasses the main media event in business life of the country and sign to summarize the results of the outgoing business year.
In 2009 Group of Companies “EPL Diamond” became a laureate in the nomination...
“Best jewelry store of the year” contest.
The ‘Best Jewelry Store of the Year” competition has been held by the “Navigator for Jewellery Trade” magazine since 2002. Since then 857 jewelry stores from Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) have participated in the contest.  153 of them have become finalists and winners....
Gratitude of the President of Sakha (Yakutia)
Gratitude of the President of Sakha (Yakutia) Mr. Shturov for the contribution to the development of the Republic.
Russian Economic Leaders Main All-Russian Award
Russian Economic Leaders award favours achieving of social economic targets of President and the Government of Russian Federation, aiming the growth of Russian economy and Russian people wealth.
In 2007 OOO  “Uvelirnaya set’ EPL Diamond” was a Prize Laureate in the “RUSSIAN ECONOMIC LEADER...
The national award “Golden Mercury” in entrepreneurship.
“Golden Mercury” Competition Award is annually initiated by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported by the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Regional Development of the Russian Federation.  The goal ...
“Best Russian Exporter” Award.
Within the framework of Ministry of Industry and Trade authority to support export of industrial products, facilitate national export and to create the mechanism to stimulate it the Award takes place to promote national industrial product on the global market and to increase number of foreign trade ...
‘Best Exporter of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 2013’ Awards. 
May 22, 2012 saw a meeting of the tender commission to determine the winners of the ‘Best Exporter of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 2011’ Awards. Following the meeting the winners are:
in the nomination of the “Best Exporter of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 2011’ – OOO  “Uvelirnaya...
“The Leader of Russia” Medal.
This medal is granted to business enterprises – economic leaders who considerably contribute to the development of industry segment and economy of the Russian Federation in general, follow the high standards of social protection of the employees, introduce advance technologies and develop the reputation...