About us

Yakutian diamonds have earned trust and respect of many jewelry devotees. This phrase encompasses wide associative array – legendary kimberlite pipes of Yakutia, polar nights gleaming in the flawless diamond facets, beauty of pristine nature and old jewelry traditions. That is the diamond region of Russia where the EPL Diamond Company comes from.

In 1994 the diamond cutting factory was opened. Since then we are the standing client of the world famous ALROSA Company which accounts for 98% of all Russia’s diamond production.

Then own jewelry production was established and retail chain of jewelry stores started to develop. That is how we created full cycle of production starting from the faceting machine ending in the hands of our customer.

Today EPL Diamond Group of Companies is flagman of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the diamond machining, production and jewelry trade spheres. Our company exports diamonds to Israel, USA and the People's Republic of China. Highest qualification of our employees and innovative technologies helped us to achieve such success.

At present EPL Diamond Group of Companies has three main subdivisions which all together constitute vertical integrated commercial manufacturing corporation:

  • Ltd Scientific and Industrial Company “EPL Diamond”
    Lapidary plant. Leader of the diamond cutting industry of the Republic.
  • EPL Jeweler Ltd
    Jewelry plant specializing in production of the jewelry with diamonds. Leader of the jewelry industry of the Republic.
  • “Uvelirnaya Set’ EPL Diamond” Ltd 
    Retail chain of the jewelry “EPL. Yuakutian diamonds” brand boutiques in Russia 

We offer our customers exclusive jewelry from ‘EPL. Yakutian diamonds” – the most famous and large-scale manufacturer of authentic yakutian diamonds.

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