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EPL Diamond Group of Companies

The unique journey to the world of exquisite jewelry with yakutian diamonds began on the 25th of July 1994, when Petr StepanovichFedorov founded EPL Diamond, and continues to this day.

(In a separate column you can insert his words “… Probably due to my genes, since my grandfather and paternal great grandfather were well known blacksmiths and jewelers on their ends, I decided to get into jewelry production. It’s necessary to trade with what I produce on my own.”)

EPL is not just an Experimental-Production laboratory abbreviation. It is Petr Fedorov’s life’s work, into which he invests his soul whose passion, devotion to beloved work and dedication to achieving results, inspires like-minded people and sets the course for development for the whole company.

After over two decades, EPL has become a network of jewelry stores in Russia and Europe, and continues to innovate and push the bounds of the impossible in the jewelry world. Throughout all of its activities, EPL diamond supports the policy of careful selection of raw materials for future products, makes highest demands on the quality of diamond cutting and on its own jewelry production. This style of business management allows EPL to give its most demanding customers three unique guarantees:

  • Guarantee of diamond authenticity. Only yakutian diamonds!
  • Guarantee of highest quality. Only flawless diamond cuts!
  • Guarantee of prices without middlemen.

Today EPL Diamond Group of Companies is a team of masters and professionals in their fields who work on a full production cycle, from the selection of the best raw materials to cutting and manufacturing of jewelry with exquisite yakutian diamonds, from the cutting machine to the flawless product in the hands of the most prospective buyer.

The credo of our company is professionalism, the ability to find the right solutions, respect for hard work and high corporate culture.

We work to ensure that EPL yakutian diamonds win over the whole world and for there to be much more happiness in it!